Project Description

Summit Spokane


Our Partnership

Summit came to us at a time of significant growth in their church. With more people attending on Sundays, their staff saw more interest from new families in getting connected with groups and classes. With so many options available and details to communicate, Summit was in need of a new strategy to communicate effectively to this diverse, growing audience.

We first determined it was a great time for a rebrand. With a fresh logo, color palette, and guidelines to help guide their growing staff in their communications efforts. We launched a new website to streamline their goals and messaging and simplify the processes used to update their website. We then stepped in as an extension of their communications team to meet weekly design needs, and have been ever since!

  • Branding

  • Event Promotion Graphics

  • Booklet design

  • Video Graphics

  • Environmental Branding & Signage

  • Responsive website

Summit is a model church when it comes to communications. From branding each of their ministries to reach specific demographics, to promoting events across social media, Sunday slides, and email marketing – Summit strategizes reaching people in a way that connects best with individuals.

We’ve been proud to partner with Summit in bringing consistency to their identity in two new locations in the U District and Cheney.

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