Your website is your digital first impression.


You know what they say about first impressions?

Beyond only getting one chance – online – you get about 3 seconds to hold someone’s attention so they’ll click or scroll for more. Is what you’re presenting easy to navigate? Is it visually appealing? Are you answering the questions your visitors are looking to answer?

In order to compete in the ever-evolving digital marketplace, your website has to at least meet some minimum expectations. Beyond that, it’s an opportunity to showcase your brand, wow people, and have a little fun.




We believe the best designers are good listeners. We start every project by listening to your hopes, plans, needs and dreams to help create the best possible website to serve your users.

Discovery includes:

  • Meeting you in person or via video call to chat about your goals for your website
  • Exploring your user groups and how to meet their needs
  • Collaborating on inspiration boards to lock in your visual and verbal style
  • Presenting your navigation plan, content architecture, and wireframes


We offer our expertise and guidance along the way to ensure the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Design includes:

  • Presentation of website design begins with home page and 1 interior page
  • Upon approval of first two pages, the rest of the site is presented on a private staging site
  • Content is refined and populated
  • Client Review
  • SEO Integration
  • Platform testing & responsive review (desktop, tablet, mobile)


The best part! Your site goes live and we celebrate our hard work. Then it’s time promote your launch like crazy and watch the results come in.

Launch includes:

  • Final edits are made and you approve your site for launch
  • Hosting is secured (we recommend SiteGround)
  • Website goes live on your domain
  • You get trained by our team to be able to edit your site
  • Post launch support & maintenance, as needed

Click and See

You’ve got questions.

Well, yes! But please know, we’re not programmers. We’re designers.

We custom style professionally-developed themes to fit our clients’ brands. No reinventing the wheel, no waiting double the time for coding. We approach your site with your intentions in mind – which can include easy-to-edit text and images, blogging capabilities, donate buttons, and the ability to promote events.

“But couldn’t I buy a theme on my own?”

Yes, you sure could! Our clients come to us because they’re tired of the DIY, can’t seem to finish writing page copy, and don’t have a cohesive brand to make their site look “custom.” If you trust us with your website, we’ll manage the project from brainstorming, planning the structure, developing the content, and finishing it off with a well-branded, polished look and feel.

First of all, we think you should be picky about who designs your site!

Designing a website can sometimes feel like building a house – so many variables, layers, and decisions – plus the need for it to be comfortable for you to update and worthy of your digital first impression for years to come. You wouldn’t choose a builder without touring a model home, so we encourage you to ask questions and look at our previous work until you’re confident about making the investment to work with us.

We are happy to help with the visual elements incorporated with these digital efforts:

  • branding
  • ad designs
  • post graphics
  • photography
  • videography

We stay in our design lane and rely on you or outside digital marketing experts for posting, media buying, campaign strategies, AdWords, etc.

We keep our pricing transparent so you know you’re getting as much value as possible for your dollar. We estimate projects up front based on the ratio of assets provided by you and what we’ll be creating from scratch.


We worked hard to put together tiered package pricing that keeps your budget in mind, whether you need a simple landing page or multiple pages,  content copywriting, and photography or videography.  Contact us for a pricing brochure – we’d be happy to customize a package for your needs.

Your project will begin with an approved proposal from you and a deposit for 50% of the total cost.

We get it! Most clients come to us because they need their new website up and ready by a specific date. The sooner we can get started, the better!

We project completion dates based on the following:

  • Standard turnaround times – (typically 4-6 weeks for a website – varies by scope of project)
  • Our schedule capacity
  • The amount of assets you can provide us (copy, photography, etc)
  • Your requested completion date

Rushed work isn’t our favorite type of work, but we’d be happy to discuss an urgent request with you and see how we can make it work!

We work hard to take things off your plate as much as possible, but the nature of this work often requires client insight and contribution.

We may ask you for things like:

  • brand assets and style guide (if we didn’t design your brand for you!)
  • vision, values, mission statement, or other copy
  • photographs
  • hosting credentials
  • feedback and approval on proofs

We do our best to keep you you in the loop on what’s needed next so there’s no lag time.

Nope. Once our contract has been fulfilled and your website launched, our work and billing is complete. It is our hope you feel confident and adequately trained to update your site all on your own.

Choosing Ongoing Maintenance

If you would prefer our team to update your site periodically (you’re busy after all!) we’re happy to come up with a plan to quickly make your changes as they come up and simply bill for our time ($100/hr).

Working on Retainer

If you have several projects needed for the next few months (or ongoing!), we recommend working on retainer.

  • Design production is billed $85/hour for retainer clients.
  • You decide your budget for the month, and we book the appropriate hours for you. This keeps turnaround times very quick!
  • We set due dates for each project by the first of the month and allot time for each piece.
  • If we finish a project under our time estimate, we’ll let you know we have room to bump something up sooner from the following month.
  • Retainer work is helpful for sticking to monthly marketing budgets!

Let’s make a beautiful, functional website.

We’d love to hear your goals for your website and figure out how to reach them together. Complete our simple contact form, and we’ll follow up with you within 2 business days to schedule your free consult call.

Let’s do this!